Native Animal Rehabilitation Centre

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Environmental Education Services

In addition to rehabilitation activities we place high priority on educating the community as to the importance of caring for the environment and the native animals that rely on a healthy environment to survive. Care for the environment enriches the community in general and a healthy environment is a benefit to all members of the community.

We provide a range of educational programs based around Society and Environment (humanities and social sciences) studies to primary and high schools with the sessions tailored for specific age groups and focusing on learning objectives relating to:

  • An understanding of the importance of native wildlife and natural and social systems;
  • An understanding of the need for protection and conservation of the environment and native wildlife and the process of time, continuity and change;
  • An understanding and application of knowledge of proper care and handling of specific native animals including snake awareness and first aid;
  • An understanding of the importance of the land from an environmental perspective and how to translate this into the home and general environment; 
  • An understanding of the process of capture and transfer of an injured animal to a wildlife shelter/vet including personal safety.

The program also aims to give schools projects they can carry forward to enhance learning and apply sustainability practices within the school environment.

As part of the session students will also have the opportunity to interact with a number of educational animals. We are able to come to the school or host the students at the centre.

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